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Fadjur's Gusto at Stud

(Alexandra Dahnke on "Gusto")
"Gusto" is a double Fadjur
son. Because of this, he is a genetic giant. He produces size and action. His offspring have level

top lines, long straight legs, and exquisite heads. With correct conformation, Arabian type, and gentle style, he is impressing horsemen of all breeds.

Bred by the Jack Tone Ranch, "Gusto" is a schooling horse. He gives riding lessons to handicapped, babies, and little old ladies. His fantastic disposition passes on to his get and makes him a wonderful family horse. We are proud to offer his Desert Bloodlines to all who want a little fire and a lot of brains in their family horses.

"Gusto rides (bridleless) at the fairgrounds showing the cowboys in Red Bluff the fantastic disposition for which the Fadjur bred horses are most famous.

Fadjur's Gusto #218983

*Fadl #896

Fadheilan #1542

*Kasztelanka #1542

Fadjur #7668

Farawi #1203

Bint Sahara #2394

Bint Sedjur #1148

Fadheilan #2603

Fadjur #7668

Bint Sahara #2394

E. W. Gazella #56094

Aarief #3717

Aarieda #14237

Nedj Kusuf #3196

These Bloodlines are mostly Egyptian, tracing back to the stallion *Fadl through his legendary father, Fadjur. On his dam side are such great horses as Mirage and the famous movie horses Jadaan (ridden by Rudolph Valentino in the 1920's) and Letan (ridden by Buffalo Bill in his "Wild West Show" in the 1880's).
Also on his dam's side is the stallion Aarief (Raffles /Aarah cross). Raffles was a Crabbet bred horse, known for beauty, gentleness, and performance. Aarah, also Crabbet bred, was a foundation mare, producing a dynasty of beauty and almost all of her foals were champions.

Her foals were noted for their exquisite type and kind dispositions. Lewisfield and Phara Farms based their breeding programs on her.
This line, known as the "AA" or "Double A" line, is also famous for its wonderful bone.
Howard Kale originally owned Nedj Kusuf , he called the LaCroix's telling them that he had this wild, seemingly untamable mare. If they wanted her, they could have her. Literally chased into a train car, she arrived at the LaCroix's in poor shape. Eventually, she tamed down and carried all 5 of Dr. LaCroix's children at the same time. "It was Nedj Kusuf that made my children fall in love with horses," he said. This mare was of Old Kellogg breeding and is the Mirage/Egyptian line of the Varian Program.


Fadjurs Gusto

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